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Toronto-based Joel Cardarelli is a bilingual (English and Italian) singer, songwriter and producer who goes by the stage name SMRS OVR (“Summer’s Over”). Born May 16, 1998, the young artist first appeared on the music scene in late 2016 with his initial uploads on SoundCloud. In 2017 he released his debut single “Don’t Ask” which marked the official start to his career as a modern creative. From there, SMRS OVR has released music consistently and continues shaping his sound. With the help of YouTube channel “dynmk”, his single “Selfish” was the first to receive a compelling amount of views and streams with over 200K plays combined on streaming platforms.


In 2019, the artist connected with his Italian heritage for which he already had a deep passion. His discovery of the music scene in Italy has inspired his most recent pieces of work. His first all-Italian single “La Vita Migliore (Remastered)” was aired on the Hot 100 for Radio Roberto based in Milan, Italy, and led him to his first ever live performance at Mississauga’s ItalFest in front of an audience of more than 5,000 attendees. After a few follow up singles, SMRS OVR released “Malèna” and it has become one of his most notable tracks, gaining an immense amount of attention both in his home country as well as across Italy.


The artist continues to release music both in Italian and English mixed in with his unique sound, giving his fans a little bit of both worlds which have shaped who he is today.

For all bookings and inquiries please contact smrsovr@gmail.com